Dran Michael 25th Anniversary 5 String Neck Thru

Details: 1 7/8″ nut • 3″ end of board • 18.5 mm bridge spacing
Neck: 5 pc DM Selection Walnut – maple with Wenge tone bar
Custom Top: Rare, one of a kind Buckeye Burl
Body Wings: air dryed alder
Custom Back: air dryed alder
Headstock: Buckeye Burl with mother of pearl logo
Fretboard: Birdseye Maple
Fretboard Designer Inlay: Paua Blocking / mother of pearl sword
Pickups: 2 Custom Bartolini Soaps
Electronics: 2018 JDran/Bartolini 18V with Super Shield Volume, Blend, Bass/Treble stack, Mid-gain with 250/500/800 K switch with neutrik locking jack
Hardware: black
Pickup Covers: Custom buckeye burl
Knobs: Custom buckeye burl
Finishes: Hand Rubbed “Anointed Oil”
Weight: 8.5 lbs
Build Time: 7 Months
Condition: Texas Show Demo
Serial Number: DMB272-18


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